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Samsung F490 Assessment
Saturday, 20 February 2010
Samsung F490 Assessment
A lot of people nowadays believe if a cellular phone is a touch display mobile phone, it's automatically an "iPhone competitor".

Some of the specs on the Samsung F490 manage to even outdo that of the iPhone. Firstly, it has a bigger 3.2 inch screen while thinner since it supports 16:9 aspect ratio while in landscape mode. Along with second, this cellular phone is also HSDPA capable not like the iPhone which is only EDGE capable.

If you ever own the Samsung Armani, you will be familiar with the interface of this Samsung F490. The F490 dons an enhanced version of Samsung's Croix interface. A pleasing characteristic within the Samsung F490 is the haptic feedback, something that's missing within the iPhone. An extra thing that I have loved would be the customizable wallpapers which you'll be able to place to vary at several time intervals.

Because of the large 3.2 inch display of the Samsung F490, you have to anticipate that watching video clips is enjoyable.

Comparable to every other touch display telephones with only a display input, the Samsung F490 is usually a infamous finger print magnet. This device furthermore needs that you calibrate the touch screen. It would have been uncomplicated for me since I have been a Windows Cellular Customer for 2 years and calibrating is straightforward, yet, if you calibrate the Samsung F490, you might want to use a sharp thing or stylus that can really be an issue if the only real pointed object you can find may be a needle.

For an MP3 player, the Samsung F490 AnalysisSamsung F490 Consumer Evaluation
is amazingly disappointing. I'm no music lover nevertheless when I compared exactly the same song track for the iPod Touch along with the Samsung F490, the last is without a doubt the loser. Bottom line, in the event you're probably not an music lover and also you're merely in need of a superb mobile phone and music playback functions, then the Samsung F490 "will do".

A different disappointment about the Samsung F490 AssessmentSamsung F490 Consumer Review
is its incapability to playback Divx shows. The LG Viewty, its chief competitor can do therefore, so why cannot Samsung add that also? Although the Samsung F490 carries a 5 megapixel camera, this is mainly used for show. There are huge camera controls for example exposure, white balance, autofocus, etc however photograph quality even now lacks color saturation.

There is additionally no WiFi in addition to the final and most important grumble is that: the interface is just excessively slow along with unresponsive.

The bottom line is: it's no iPhone competitor. Although on document it may beat the iPhone as a result of its superior screen, HSDPA capability, and 5 mega pixel camera; user interface is bad. There is no iPhone competitor for the reason that if not among the top three mobile phone companies is ready to come up with a killer user interface in order to match the iPhone's fluid touch interface, the iPhone will nevertheless be the "omega cell phone". So F490, get back to the drawing board by your TouchFlo knowledge.

The Samsung F490 AssessmentSamsung F490 Consumer Evaluation
is A good mobile phone if you discern what to expect in general. For more Samsung F490 information the above site will assist you make your purchasing decision.

Posted by luke1bigmangarre at 4:53 PM EST

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